HDPE - High Density Polyethylene

The Benefits of HDPE

HDPE is a highly versatile thermoplastic polymer that is one of the most commonly used materials in manufacturing today. Its molecular structure provides an impressive strength/density ratio and is highly valued in applications requiring moisture resistance and cost-effectiveness.

HDPE can be found in a wide variety of manufactured products, including food and beverage containers, cleaning product bottles, pipes, and automotive components.

When considering the benefits of HDPE plastic, resistance to environmental conditions such as mould, mildew and rotting is also important. HDPE is an excellent material for food and beverage containers.

It's no surprise that HDPE is one of the most widely used plastics on the market.



Some benefits include:

Enhanced Protection

HDPE is leakage proof which means it does not allow water vapor to pass through it. It can be heat sealed, meaning the plastic can be wrapped around the product and secured with an airtight seal.

Highly Adaptable

HDPE is highly versatile and customisable. Along with the protection, it offers a great advertising option to suit the product making it very adaptable. It offers different thickness and clarities as well as various designer colours for a more customised option.

Extremely Lightweight

HDPE is light and doesn’t require much storage space. As a result, it is easy to transport, thereby reducing the carbon footprint during transportation.


HDPE is a low cost, easy to process, opaque packaging product with a reliable moisture barrier. It can be used for shampoo bottles, oil bottles, household cleaning product bottles, flowerpots, drums, etc – all great opaque containers with marketing appeal.



HDPE is durable and resistant to external influences to ensure the content is well-preserved. It is puncture resistant, tear resistant and has a low stretching tolerance. A common example of this material is grocery bags, trash bags, retail packaging bags, and packaging films.

Easily Recyclable

HDPE plastic is easily recycled, an important consideration and vital factor to consider when marketing and promoting products. In addition, most HDPE-made consumer item containers can be placed in any neighbourhood weekly recycling collection.