Services & Capabilities

As Pharmapac has grown over the past 40+ years, our commitment to providing world-class solutions and delivering outstanding customer service has remained our driving force.


The future of packaging

We’re consistently looking at how we can adapt to make things more efficient for our customers, and have become experts at anticipating what might be needed in the future.

The Pharmapac process begins with understanding your requirements – now and in the future. We find out as much as possible about your industry, your products, along with any regulations around freighting and storage.

Then, we look at where your products will end up – whether they will be in the grocery aisle, on a chemist shelf or, as in the case of honey, among tourism retail. We take a genuine interest in how to help grow your sales.

Part of our commitment to service is showing you a range of product options you may not be aware of, and liaising with label / equipment suppliers in order to make that part of the process run smoothly.



We do everything in-house

At Pharmapac, we control every step of the design and production process in-house, with nothing going to another supplier or sub-contractor. We are fully accountable for the quality of the end product and we ensure that specifications and deadlines are met.

Our in-house production facilities include duplicate tooling sets and machinery that ensure we have options in the case of any tooling damage or equipment down-time. Our customers have our full assurance of continuity of supply.

The end result is greater flexibility and variety in the type of packaging we can offer you.

Get in touch with us to discuss your next project – we can come out to meet you, or host you at our Auckland site to show you our world-class manufacturing facilities.