rPET - recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate

Benefits of rPET packaging

rPET has all of the benefits of PET packaging, with some added extras. From a business perspective, introducing more rPET into packaging means a business is attractive to a broader customer base and can increase sales by meeting the demand for recycled packaging and sustainable efforts.

In addition, the use of rPET leads to greater demand and market for recycled plastics, which will increase material supply and lower costs – a win-win for business and the environment.

In addition to having all of the benefits of pure PET bottles, rPET has many environmental gains:

  • Uses 79% less energy and less water to produce than virgin PET
  • Reduces transport carbon emissions – as demand grows, there is also a more local and reliable supply of rPET, limiting the need to transport rPET internationally
  • Less plastic going to landfill – through recycling and stopping the material entering landfill, no toxic chemicals are leaching into the groundwater during the years that they can take to break down
  • Reducing the need to extract resources from the earth, using rPET offsets the need to create new PET
  • Encouraging bottle return schemes and post-consumer recycling programs and establishing them as a norm within the industry – less likelihood of plastic waste ending up in the ocean
  • Lowering costs – consumer demand for recycled materials has risen and is pushing prices and transport costs down; a focus on good design means lowering costs and waste through reducing the amount of plastic used during the bottle and jar production processes
  • Fulfilling consumer demand for recycled packaging, increasing sales, and lowering costs through progressing the market of recycled materials