Last Updated
19 December 2023
Ally Hopwood

Hardworking Kiwi innovation from Pharmapac, the new Oval Squeeze Flask

Hardworking Kiwi innovation from Pharmapac, the new Oval Squeeze Flask

Like many great product ideas, the oval squeeze flask came about when we recognised a gap in the market for a more versatile packaging solution for the food and beverage sector.

When we’re designing a new product, we look at several groups of potential users. In this case, we had the food and hospitality users wanting a product they could use easily. Some of them didn’t realise how beneficial one-handed opening and dispensing was until they received a product that allowed just that.

For brands, the design of the flask allows their packaging designers and marketers to let their creative juices run wild. The compact shape (narrow and tall) of the oval flask makes it a real space saver on the store shelf, while its wide diameter closure means it can be safely stored and displayed on either end, allowing for creative labelling and display opportunities. We love seeing the flask on grocery store shelves with different creative display options.

Consumers love the fact that the oval shape is easy to hold and squeeze for tiny toddler hands as well as older or weaker grips. The non-drip valve and Flip Top Cap, which was designed by Pharmapac’s in-house product research and design team, means fewer drips and spills to clean up.

Pharmapac customer segments across the board love the ergonomic design and functional features of the oval squeeze flask. It combines minimalist design and maximum function for a completely versatile packaging option.

Key features:

  • Comes in two sizes – 375g/267ml and 500g/357ml (Based on a specific gravity of 1.4)
  • Available in PET and rPET (recycled PET), which are both FDA and EU 10/2011 compliant
  • Ergonomic and easy dispensing, enabling one-handed use
  • Compact design allows for economical use of supermarket/store shelf space
  • Large diameter closure – stable when positioned on either its wide cap or base
  • Stand it up either way and get creative with your labelling

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