Last Updated
1 November 2023
Ally Hopwood

Pharmapac successfully audited against SMETA

Pharmapac is audited against the SMETA Standard.

The SMETA audit is designed to help protect workers from unsafe conditions, overwork, discrimination, low pay, and forced labour.

When purchasing a Pharmapac product you can feel comfortable that we actively monitor our supply chains and have been audited against the global standard SMETA. SMETA is the world’s most widely used audit. Businesses use SMETA to understand and make improvements to working conditions and environmental performance in their business and supply chain. SMETA is an audit, which helps you to understand standards of labour, health and safety, ethics and environmental.

Pharmapac (PPAC) places a high level of importance on our business relationships, and it will come as no surprise that this extends to our suppliers. We have been working with most key suppliers for a long time, we know each other’s business well and have had full transparency with regards to supply chains.

Modern slavery is a global problem and a challenge for businesses worldwide. Over 40 million men, women and children are in some form of modern slavery. At least 16 million are victims of forced labour in the private sector (International Labour Organization). Modern slavery is the severe exploitation of other people for personal or commercial gain.

SMETA [Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit] is an audit, which helps you to understand standards of labour, health and safety, environmental performance and ethics within your own operations or at a supplier site.

Delivered by an approved auditor company, the audited business is provided with a Corrective Action Plan to help improve performance in these areas.