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Pharmapac is a New Zealand owned company with more than 30 years in the business of designing, manufacturing and producing plastic packaging solutions for not only local, but an ever growing list of international clients.

Our considerable experience in the areas of pharmaceutical, medical, nutritional and personal care packaging, has seen continued growth and expansion of our plant’s capabilities, including superior quality injection, injection stretch blow molding and extrusion blow molding.

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Latest Products


With the increasing cost of Honey and the desire for an “intermediate” sized jar, Pharmapac have developed the 375g Tall Square jar.

This fits nicely between the 250 & 500g but also continues the “family” look to ensure good presentation for our Customers products.

Of course, this jar also offers all of the unique features that make Pharmapac Jars the best possible choice for your product.

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Pharmapac are excited to announce the completion of our clarified polypropylene injection stretch blow moulded (CPP-ISBM) tablet bottle range.

The primary advantage of the CPP-ISBM plastic bottles is that of moisture barrier properties which are up to 8 times more superior than PET bottles with the a similar wall thickness. The CPP-ISBM bottles have clarity and sheen approaching that of PET bottles which is achieved via biaxial orientation of the Polypropylene material.

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Our clients


Synergy Natural Products is a Sydney, Australia based distributor of Green Superfoods in a wide range of varieties and sizes. The Synergy Spirulina brand was established in 1993 and today is sold in supermarkets, health-food stores and pharmacies throughout Australia and exported to the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and New Zealand.


Manuka Health

Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd has been sourcing PET Honey jars from Pharmapac since January 2011 due to poor performance of our previous suppliers. During that time, we have found Pharmapac to be an outstanding supplier that has always delivered in full and on time. Their stock control and ability to turn urgent orders around at a moment's notice is simply outstanding.

The quality of the Pharmapac product is second to none and has resulted in a substantial drop in the number of rejects either in our own plant or once shipped to the export customer. This has culminated in a lower cost of production and less complaints from many of our international customers.

The design of the Pharmapac product is, in our opinion, far superior to any other like product on the NZ market, and from a Technical aspect, Pharmapac are always on hand and very responsive to our customer's queries e.g. the chemical construction of the jars and lids, compliance matters etc.

This speed of response is very reassuring to both Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd and our customers, thi shas reinforced our decision to transfer our high demand for PET products to the market leader as our supplier.

As Operations Manager for Manuka Health, I have no hesitation in recommending Pharmapac as a supplier.




Jaychem and Pharmapac have worked together for over thirty years forging a great working relationship fostering understanding of each other’s needs. Pharmapac consistently produce quality product and are dependable and willing partners  to work with. As a contract manufacturer it is critical that Jaychem have reliable packaging partners to recommend to clients. Testament to our association is the number of products under our Private Label brand healthE where Pharmapac packaging is used



API Consumer Goods

With a strong heritage, API Consumer Brands has developed into a world-class company, exporting many of its brands around the globe while continuing to manufacture right here in New Zealand.

Focused on delivering high-quality products, API Consumer Brands is a leader in innovation and development with such brands as Health Basics, Paracare and Pharmacy Health.

API Consumer Brands also supplies many other companies, utilizing an advanced toiletry manufacturing facility and state-of-the-art pharmaceutical plant to deliver high-quality, New Zealand made products.


100% Pure Honey NZ

100% Pure Honey New Zealand have been purchasing our PET jar and cap requirements from Pharmapac since August 2010.

Following a significant number of complaints from our international customers regarding caps popping off jars in transit we conducted a full review of the supply options for our jar and cap supplies.

As a result of this review, Pharmapac was chosen as our preferred supplier because of the superior quality of the jars and caps. Of particular importance to us was the fact the thread in the cap and on the neck of the jar was double thread and of significant size to ensure there was no way the caps could jump the thread and cause leakage.

On looking back through our complaint file it is significant to note that we have not had one single claim with regards to caps coming off jars or leakage in transit since the change to Pharmapac packaging.

Customer feedback also confirms the choice to run with Pharmapac packaging was the right one as they now have absolute confidence when dispatching our honey products by mail order.

While the quality of the packaging was of prime importance to us as we entered negotiations with Pharmapac we were also looking for a strong commitment to service and can do attitude from them. We are pleased to report they exceeded our expectation in every aspect of the business relationship.

We have no hesitation in recommending Pharmapac packaging as the best available in the market and the bonus is that it is supported by exceptional customer service.

If you would like to discuss our experience of working with Pharmapac and their products in more detail, please feel free to phone me.




Go Healthy

GO Healthy New Zealand is the #1 brand of supplements in Pharmacy and Health stores in New Zealand based on dollars and units volume (as per total Pharmacy Aztec data MAT 1/03/2015).

GO Healthy has been working closely with Mike Jones (sales manager), Brett Hopwood (general manger) and the Pharmapac team over the last few years to create bottles that offer our brand not only solutions to common bottle issues, but also high quality, premium looking bottles that differentiate our brand and place it strongly in the quality position in the market.

The team at Pharmapac are great to deal with, they understand the market and are not afraid to invest in the right technology to offer solutions to customers, like GO Healthy’s needs.

GO Healthy is a New Zealand owned and operated company, aiming to bring the best products which includes best packaging from New Zealand to the world. We are proud to say we support our fellow New Zealand based supply partner, Pharmapac and enjoy working with them.

We wish Pharmapac all the success they deserve, both locally in New Zealand and internationally.

Kurt Renner - Director

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